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Cherry Blossoms Season

With the successful launch of the ONI A Contemporary Japanese Lounge and Sake Bar, Alex and I wanted to promote the lifestyle offered at ONI Dubai. As an in-house marketing team, we have to be well-aware of Dubai’s fast-moving market trends where our goal is to present new concepts to engage the existing gusts and make them come again. Spring in Japan is nothing less than magical. April represents the iconic Sakura Cherry Blossoms Season with its alluring delicate pink flower blankets the country is in soft, colourful splendour and attracts a crowd from all over the globe. The colour, calm and mellow environment and the soft splendour is portrayed exquisitely. This was an opportunity to introduce a whole new concept in Dubai’s market. In the Sino-Japanese culture and terminology, this celebration of the Sakura is famously known to be Yozakura (夜桜).

The Execution

To express the beauty of the complex yet alluring Yozakura Season, we decided to take things up a notch. We collaborated with the head chef Emil Helmy and the team to stir up some mouthwatering dishes and orchestrate a photo shoot that would best exhibit their hard work. We worked with the floor manager Sebastian Jinu to make sure that the decorations, lights, and the aura were amazing. For that, we spent time scavenging for the right decoration gadget. It was also important that the graphics best portrayed the alluring event, suitable for the digital and the non-digital market. The exquisite Sakura flowers brought in the true essence of the magical Sakura vibe to life.

The Impact

On the 5th of April, 2019, the project we had worked so hard on, was launched for a month. In a matter of two weeks, We were able to build a rapport with the new guests. We earned a stupefying amount of feedback on both Google and TripAdvisor. With teamwork dedication, I was proud to see the fruitful response we welcomed.
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