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Romance and Soul

The warm feeling when devouring a hearty bowl of Japanese soup, with a delectable cocktail and a slice of salmon is called Yozakura. This is a feeling that erupts within you in a soothing milieu while celebrating the Sakura seasons nights, where romance enters your soul.

Island of Okinawa

ONI Dubai derived their inspiration from Yozakura. Their take on seasonal and sensational food is mouth-watering and pleasing to the eye. The ONI team with their mild atmosphere, sake bar, the DJ playing in the back and the unforgettable delicious food, giving the guests something new. Alex and I worked in harmony to set a mellow mood and tone, to create visuala for the food which is not only delicious, but also pleasing to the eyes. The alluringly dark background bespeaks of class and minimalism which complemented the aura of the event. Japan’s southern, subtropical islands of Okinawa evoke a sense of peace among the guests, as showcased in the small bite treats which stood out against the romantic backdrop.
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