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Ramadan with Japanese Twist

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The Sunset

Ramadan is an important and holy month for Muslims across the world that presents a season of prayers, fasting, and togetherness. It is the ninth month of the Hijri calendar which changes every year as it is based on the cycles of the moon. There are two important parts of Ramadan. The fast starts with Suhoor which is the early meal Muslims consume before the crack of dawn. They wake up from their sleepy camaraderie, to pray and partake in Suhoor to prepare for a day of fast. The second part is the Iftar where the Muslins break the fast as the sun sets (Maghrib) and a pause falls over the city until the roar of cannons signals the end of the fast. The proclamation of Iftar is the time when Muslims traditionally break their fast with a sip of water/fresh juices and some dates.

The Moon and The Twist

I was given the opportunity to create artwork(s) to promote ONI’s new campaign of the Iftar menu to represent the Japanese food, refreshment, togetherness, and holiness to create a connection between Ramadan and the  Japanese culture, introducing the idea “Iftar with a Japanese Twist”. To remain true to the essence of Ramadan, I took different directions. The final piece was beyond comparison where I created a moon out of the sushis’. The Holy month was perfectly represented in the crescent moon structure. To convey the harmony that resides between two popularly believed different ideas was difficult but I was able to create something impeccably amazing.
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