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Mouth-Watering Food

Munching on delicacies that not only taste divine but look the part too, is one of the biggest achievements of all time. Scavenging for comfort food that leaves you satisfied yet wanting more is what ONI Dubai’s Senior Chef, Janet Lopez, had in mind.

Janet’s mouth-watering blend of food which tastes heavenly, along with her humbleness and ability to capture the true team spirit has made her the best at ONI Lounge and Restaurant.

During the Osaka Nights, there was an assortment of delectable where we were invited to take pictures of the specially curated menu. Ranging from the flavorsome Dynamite Rolls to the Grilled Salmon Teriyaki with Parsnip Puree that makes your mouth drool, the delicious Avocado Crispy Rice, the one and only Tuna Pizza with Wasabi Cream to stuffing your face with the scrumptious Grilled Sea Bass with Pickled Cucumber and Chutney, the experience itself cannot be put into mere words. Calling the food divine would be an understatement after the morsel you swallow who leaves you in awe.

Mouth-Watering Food

Where our expertise usually relies on displaying the edibles with utmost precision and owing to the phenomenal plating, the basic styling of the finished product was a task. Professional and specialist food stylists spend time and energy perfecting every item present on the plate since many photographers do not possess this incomparable quality.

Alex and I were fortunate enough to display our food styling skills, lowering the expense. With our compelling photography skills mixed with our plating skills, we were able to do justice to Janet’s scrumptious dishes. The lighting, the aura, and the plating of the food, all were seamlessly put together, making Janet’s concoction stand out and ready to devour.

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