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Hustle and bustle

Walking into the ONI Lounge & Restaurant just a week prior to the grand launch was overwhelming for us. The hustle and bustle in this Japanese contemporary restaurant and lounge were perfectly foreshadowing the grandeur event that was supposed to make its way in a matter of days.

At ONI Lounge & Restaurant we were invited to shoot four latest concoctions: White Temptation, Oni Spritz, Yozakura, and Hokkaido Gyu.

Advantage of disadvantages

With limited time and the absence of natural light, the process of the photoshoot was rather challenging.

The concept of the Osaka Night is all about the vibrant color ‘therefore’ we focused our photoshoot to magnify the vivid colors of the drinks against the charcoal black background, owing to their delectable taste. From the pink tangy color to the pearl white and frothy drink to the champagne colored drinks, the harmonious marriage between the pictures were beyond compare.

The primary disadvantage of the dim light of the bar, turned into an advantage and with our effort the drink held their own unmatched and alluring demeanor.

We stepped inside the ONI Lounge & Restaurant with one aim, to make the best out of what we have, and with dedication we made it happen.

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