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Not Stereotype

You’d always want to enter an area where the aura is comfortable and the staff is hospitable. To perfectly imitate a welcoming atmosphere, in this fast-paced world of ours, is a challenge.

Inviting a riveting crowd to ONI on the daily, we didn’t want to go with a stereotypical package or event. We wanted to tell a story where the guests felt belonged, had fun, and could relax at the same time.

I, along with my trusty comrades, Alexandra Elena and Seema Kunder, wanted to introduce something new. The idea of being together, enjoying the idea with your friends and colleagues after a tough day at work, deserves a relaxing night. This is what inspired me to concoct something so delightful yet fun at ONI. The idea of narrating a creative and alluring story came into being, keeping the guest entertained and representing the Japanese culture, and we came up with NOMIKAI. This launch welcomed the Japanese culture where the beverages were given at a 50% discount from 6 pm to 9 pm.


NOMIKAI (飲み会) reflects the idea of “gathering to drink”. Whether for celebration, to wish someone dear a farewell, celebrate a birthday, or to even just chat, NOMIKAI at ONI welcomes its guests with open arms. Diversifying it to numerous occasions, this even is for anyone and everyone.

The whole campaign was launched with the utmost precision. Loyalty memberships, scrumptious and delightful food on the menu, a coherent venue, we wanted to introduce the ultimate Japanese experience. I prepared a list of the digital as well as non-digital designs that we could utilise. This would further enhance our brand and invite more people.

Ranging from outsourced videos to landing pages, radio and social media ads the features of the campaign was presented on every platform imaginable. Remaining true to the Japanese aura of ONI, I wanted to do everything I could to create a place where you can come to relax after working long hours.

Black and gold on the same palette reflect an opulent and royal atmosphere. The contrasting colours are exuberant and blend well together which is what I wanted to highlight in the Japanese drinking culture. The colours stood out with the strong and bold typography, enhancing the whole concept of NOMIKAI.


Launched on June 12th, 2019, we never knew NOMIKAI at ONI would be such a huge success and to see it soar within a week was the cherry on top. Where we first did face difficulties, it fills me with immense pleasure that we were able to contribute into something that continues to grow.

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