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Nomikai Launch

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“How do I explain what I do at a party? The short version is that I say I humanize technology.”

— Fred Beecher

“Gathering to drink” is what NOMIKAI (飲み会) means and what ONI aimed to represent. Owing to the theme of NOMIKAI, we want to introduce a brand and campaign that would welcome the audience and engage them with the Japanese vibe and aura.

When the environment is pleasant and the food is delicious, guests would want revisit, which is what Nomikai aimed to accomplish.

The final outcome of this launch left me smiling with glee and happiness. The effort I placed in on this launch brought ease of the usefulness of my work and welcomed numerous guests. The underlying concept and message of this launch had been understood and appreciated by the audience who were able to connect at both, digital and non-digital platforms.

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