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Mojay Lifestyle Luxury Limousines (MLLIMO) has gained prominence for its luxurious chauffeur-driven limousine services. Offering a top-notch and opulent lifestyle, this limousine service is every discerning traveller’s go-to.

The immaculate limousine facility served has pleased numerous global brands as well as renowned figures, such as Hi Excellency, Pope Francis. Globally recognised brands such as; Armani, Versace, and JW Marriot Marquis among several other idols have used and are delighted with this limousine service.

The Job

Coca Cola Arena events are globally praised and adored for their pristine execution. Alexandra Elena and I, as an in-house media and marketing team of two, were given the privilege to shoot a video commercial for the Coca Cola Arena 2020.

The Concept

To represent the luxurious lifestyle, we had to represent the Mercedes V Class which was reserved for a family, the Mercedes Benz S Class for local Arab travellers, and the BMW Class 5 for business ladies. Our team of two wanted to go beyond our limited vicinity and try something new, different and interesting. After splitting the tasks into creative and technical, the two of us ventured onto a new journey, exploring new things, and bringing new ideas that would benefit the event. The camera, camera lenses, video editing, tools and techniques all fell under my domain, the technical. To enhance the shoot, I used my tools to make sure that the goal was achieved.


Alex wrote a brilliant script for the video and I had gathered the tools which were a necessity for the photoshoot. We were now in the initiation phase, for which we sat down together and presented the different ideas that stormed into our mind, to present to the management of these luxurious limousine services.

The Cast

To exhibit the beauty of the shoot, we decided to pose our colleagues as actors which perfectly reflected the commercial while hiring top notch individuals to represent the company can be costly but it would make the photoshoot that much interesting.

The Location

In a bustling city like Dubai, shooting outdoors can prove quite a daunting task. Instead for opting for a costly private location, we decided to scavenge for locations and fortunately found the perfect spot for the shoot, the parking lot. Avoiding illegal activities and keeping safety in mind, our shoot was ready to go.


The shoot comprised of photos to add an extra flair to the commercial, which was conducted in 3 days. We started with the family shoot, moved on to the business ladies on day 2 and ended with the local Arab travelers.

The Result

Alex as a creative thinker and I, a cinematographer and brand strategist, worked in harmony to create something spectacular. The striking action shots of our colleagues, actors, and chauffeurs added to the luxurious vibe of the cars. We took what was foreign to us before and turned it into an opportunity for us to learn from and explore.
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