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The Thrill

The thrill and enticing atmosphere of Halloween keep everyone at the edge of their seats. Staying true to the spirit of Halloween, Atelier M organised one of the best ladies night Halloween Party at Dubai Marina, Pier 7.

Haunted House

Following the theme of Halloween, the bar was transformed into a haunted house. Themed mouth-watering and delectable food and exotic cocktails with the DJ playing music all night, the mood of the event was thrilling. A flavoursome dining experience welcomes the clienteles as they have the panoramic view of the Marina Bay and the Dubai waterfront district.

The Crows and Brouhaha

The gloomy lowlights installed in the bar, though complemented the theme, made the whole process very difficult. Taking pictures that would capture the true essence of the event was disrupted due to the crown and the lights. As a professional photographer, I had to make sure that the pictures were the perfect representation of the event and to ensure that the guests were not disturbed. Establishing a rapport with the guests is my utmost priority. By opting for strict measurements, I conversed with the guests who attended this Halloween festivity, explained the intricate details and snapped amazing shots of their costumes. Where the lowlight and the nightlife enunciate its own beauty, it was my job as a nightlife photographer and user experience designer, to ensure that it was presented. The crows and brouhaha of the event were amusing and capturing it was even more exciting. I was able to capture the happy faces of the customers whilst they enjoyed the general vibe and aura of this Halloween party hosted at Atelier M.
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