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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby

The riveting, chic, and bedazzling essence presented in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby transports you back to the 1920s when you stumble into AtelierM’s brunch. Celebrity Chef and Owner, the “M”, in Atelier M, Mohammad Islam effectuated the decadence and opulence of the 1920s at Dubai Marina, Pier 7.  Garnering his inspiration from the Mediterranean cuisine with an Asian flair, the event exudes sophistication with a scrumptious meal.

At AtelierM I was to capture moments, the food and the lifestyle in a working restaurant. Paying attention to every intricate detail, whilst I was amid the photoshoot, proved to be very daunting. Yet, the results were more than pleasing as the whole task was executed with precision.

Defining Moment

The glimmering lights and the defining moment was to be captured to portray utmost unity between the food and the surroundings at Atelier M. Being careful as to keeping this environment intact, I did my best to avoid any disturbance that would distract the customers or staff. Handling the equipment and tools that were needed for the photoshoot was to be handled with care as to not let them topple over and crush the beauty of the restaurant. Memories are fleeting and can be captured in the form of pictures and words. As a professional event photographer and user experience designer, I want to capture the moments that link people emotionally. Finding that lost connection in the form of a picture, remembering the food, the setting and the staff. At AtelierM, not only was I able to grab hold of the essence of this Great Gatsby’esque event but also captured the vibe of the place as bartenders made the drinks and the customers mingled in the background.
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