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Dubai Restaurant Week at Atelier M

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Chance to mingle

Food brings family, friends and close relatives together, gives them a chance to mingle, and to reminiscent old memories. The annual Dubai Food Festival has a similar idea planned when they arranged for Dubai Restaurant Week. The city’s best restaurants offer grandeur and exclusive dining experience to its customers. From the 5th to the 14th of March the food fest features mouth-watering and eye-catching food that bespoke the true spirit of Dubai Restaurant Week. Angelo Dos Santos, the Head Chef at Atelier M, savoured the Dubai Restaurant Week further by concocting a scrumptious three-course menu. Complementing the diversified and unique food experience Dubai has to offer, Chef Angelo Dos Santos offered his signature dishes with a breathtaking Dubai Marina view. The quality ingredients unified with the bustling atmosphere proved to be a memorable experience.

Calculated Steps

I was engaged with Atelier M to showcase the appetizing new meal they had to offer for Friday Brunch. Taking pictures of the miscellaneous food offered at Atelier M in a busy working environment required me to take calculated steps. Keeping the classic ambience intact, I made it my utmost priority to not cause any disturbances. Taking the best shot required the best light and a setting that would complement the food. To add more depth and owing to the vibrancy of the food, where needed, I made use of artificial lights as well. By understanding the chef’s vision and adding my creative flair in a short amount of time, I was able to portray the divine menu. Being a user experience designer and a product-slash-food photographer is always a treat. Owing to this passion of mine, I want to exhibit the hustle and bustle that encompasses the restaurants. My experience at Atelier M was more than pleasant where I was able to do justice to the piquant menu and the vibe of the restaurant.
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